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14th-Sep-2010 07:22 am - He did it - VAMOS RAFA !!!!
rafa smile
Rafael Nadal -

U.S. Open Champion 2010, Wimbledon Champion 2010, French Open Champion 2010, World #1 .....

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Only the 7th man is history to win all the Grand Slam titles ....

2nd-Sep-2010 12:18 am - Happy Birthday, Jenni !!!!
Seeing as it's past midnight here so making it the 2nd September, Aitor just popped by to say:

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Hope you have a great day and get lot's of nice pressies xoxo
25th-Aug-2010 11:46 pm - It's Toon time again !!!!
andy c5
Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Carling Cup

Accrington 2-3 Newcastle FT

(HT 1-1)

Accrington scorers:

* Putterill 45+1
* Hessey 90+4

Newcastle United scorers
* Ryan Taylor 36
* Ameobi 48
* Lovenkrands 67

Accrington Stanley

* 25 Dunbavin
* 02 Bateson (Turner 66)
* 03 Winnard yellow card
* 04 Hessey
* 12 Edwards
* 06 Procter
* 07 Ryan
* 08 Bennett
* 10 Putterill
* 11 McConville
* 15 Parkinson


* 01 Cisak,
* 13 Richardson,
* 17 Murphy,
* 22 Owens,
* 14 Joyce,
* 16 Turner,
* 19 Boulding


* 26 Krul
* 16 R. Taylor
* 28 Kadar
* 34 Tavernier
* 25 LuaLua
* 29 Vuckic (Nolan 90+1)
* 31 Shane Ferguson
* 11 Lovenkrands
* 23 Ameobi
* 30 Ranger
* 32 Donaldson


* 33 Soderberg,
* 06 Williamson,
* 14 Perch,
* 04 Nolan,
* 07 Barton,
* 10 Routledge,
* 17 Smith
24th-Aug-2010 11:34 pm - haha another NUFC post :p
andy c4

I tweeted about Jonas Gutierrez the other day, then got re-tweeted by loads of Jonas Brothers fans.....wtf !!!!
Fernandox2 Iker

athletic_club  for more of the team I love so much !!
27th-Jul-2010 06:52 pm - Look at this uber sexy beast ....
athletic club shirts
Yes it's Athletic Club's new shirt for this season *raaaar*

more will be available at athletic_club soon:)
17th-Jul-2010 08:12 pm - I feel the need to squee !!!!
Look what arrived already this morning:

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Tickets have now gone on general sale and when I just checked the game is practically sold out !!!
2nd-Jul-2010 09:14 pm - Comm pimpage !!
vale summer love
Athletic Club Bilbao
athletic_club athletic_club athletic_club 

Real Madrid - So Many Boyfriends
so_many_bfs so_many_bfs so_many_bfs 

Miguel Torres - Getafe CF
miguel_torres miguel_torres miguel_torres 

Gonzalo Higuaín - Real Madrid & Argentina
higuain_fans higuain_fans 

SerGago - Twice The Hair!Porn

ser_gago ser_gago ser_gago 

Fernando Gago - Real Madrid
gagito gagito gagito 

Esteban Granero - Real Madrid
estebangranero estebangranero estebangranero 

18th-Jun-2010 10:58 pm - I'm off ....
iker - i am what i am
H I A T U S 

- until further notice I'm off.  Need to look at things in different ways, I hope I will be back but not sure I'll see how everything goes.

Have fun and take care xoxo
iker tired

Spanish football fans bewildered by their team’s World Cup 1-0 defeat by Switzerland were focusing their anger last night on a beautiful TV sports presenter whom they accuse of distracting the goalkeeper.

As people back in Spain struggled to take in the result, Sara Carbonero, who had stood on the touchline throughout, asked her shattered boyfriend, Iker Casillas, on live TV: “How did you manage to muck it up?”

The goalie appeared dumbfounded, but many in Spain thought they knew the answer. Carbonero has been voted sexiest journalist in the world. It was she, the fans insisted, who had sapped the strength of the Spain goalkeeper and caused him to fluff what seemed an easy shot.

Carbonero, 25, who works for the Telecinco channel, has been Casillas’s girlfriend since they met at last year’s Confederations Cup in South Africa.

She is famous in Spain for her instant touchline interviews with the stars after big games. Weeks ago, with hopes high that Spain could win the World Cup for the first time, it was disclosed that Carbonero would be in South Africa to cover the tournament.

Doubts were expressed even then. Unlike the England team, esposas y novias (that’s Spanish for WAGs) do not normally accompany the players to the World Cup.

Carbonero was questioned on Telecinco about whether she might prove a distraction to Casillas, who plays for Real Madrid. The brunette presenter replied: “Can I destabilise the team? I think it is nonsense.”

It might not necessarily seem to be so now. Carbonero has become by far the best known of Spain’s own group of WAGs. Her relationship with Casillas has featured regularly in Spain’s tabloid press.

After yesterday’s match, websites were full of angry comments suggesting that Casillas’s mind may have been on “other things”. Others claimed that there had been overconfidence in the Spain camp, ranked alongside Brazil as favourites.

Casillas could only remark: “I don’t know what to say. I don’t know if this defeat will have consequences. The dressing room is fed-up.”

Any gloating England fans watching in Spain were swiftly reminded that Robert Green’s mistake allowed the United States to equalise in last Saturday’s match. Javier Oms, a journalist in Barcelona, said: “You may be laughing but how did England mess up so badly?”

As Spain went into mourning, horns sounded in the streets of Geneva, strangers hugged each other and the beer flowed as freely as if the Swiss team had already won the World Cup itself. Not even the torrential rain could dampen spirits.

Students took a celebratory dip in the lake. Businessmen and women in Berne and Zurich left their offices early to settle in for a night of celebratory drinks.

In parliament, proceedings were suspended with 15 minutes of the game remaining so that the historic triumph could be witnessed.

One student, Stefan Muet, 23, said: “Switzerland is the happiest nation on Earth. We have beaten the favourites. We can now go on to win the tournament. Anything’s possible now.”

[article from: www.thetimes.co.uk]
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